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Training, Mentoring & Person Centred Counselling -Gloucestershire & London based - Consultancy Services across the UK

Game board people 5 groups multi coloured - trainingPerson Centred Consultancies is able to support your organisation with a range of person-centred services to meet the needs of your voluntary or charity sector agency. Some of our services include:

  • Training and Mentoring
  • Setting up/Maintaining 1-1 & Peer Support
  • Networking and Development Support
  • Advice on Project Funding & Sustainability
  • Business Planning and Management Support
  • Staffing Issues: Selection/Recruitment/Retention
  • Supervision and Appraisal Resources
  • Management/Trustee/Advisory Panel Support
  • Website design & redevelopment - Person Centred Designs

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There are many themes that can be listed here, but our consultant experiences prove that there is a great degree of difference too, within an array of organisations to warrant the individual approach.

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Person Centred Consultancies looks at the individual project / service and individuals within it, and supports development without directing without bias, without funder intervention. Its ethos is in the Person-Centred Approach, as in counselling terms, led by the individual from their unique, perspective.

It embarks on joining these perspectives from all partners including funders, effectively, with care, support and efficiency. Looking at these concerns through our consultancy package can bring relief, motivation and a new directive. See our Training Pages for further information and other types of bespoke services.

Person-Centred Consultancies is based in Gloucestershire and frequently in London, within reach of the surrounding areas of Buckinghamshire, Reading, Slough, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Aylesbury, and close to the London boroughs of Hillingdon and Harrow. Our associate referral counsellors and trainers are also based in Harrow, North-west London and surrounding areas.

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