Person Centred Consultancies - Training, Mentoring & Person Centred Counselling - London Based Consultancy Services across the UK.

Patricia Mata's person-centred consultancy support for the business sector is growing at a vast pace. Person-Centred Consultancies support in business mentoring, consultancy services, marketing and web design-support, start-up advice, search engine optimisation and promotion of business new service developments are also following suit. It seems that a number of clients are passing on the best form of advertising possible ' word of mouth recommendations' and are keen to use the person-centred approach in their own business developments.

A few of person-centred consultancies business clients are listed below supported through our website design and SEO service - Person Centred Designs

 Awareness Matters UK  A counselling and specialist training service based in Suffolk. Web design-support and presence, generic business research, marketing, mentoring integrated photographic consultancy and service.

Wayne Tanswell Traditional Signwriter  Suffolk based, tradtional signwriting service nationwide. Web design-support and presence, generic business research, consultancy, photographic consultancy, image and concept planning, branding and addtional person-centred marketing support in specialist field.

Counselling Services Direct   A counselling service based in Harrow supporting affordable counselling for all. Much of the consultancy support included, mentoring, marketing, web design-support and presence, generic business research, photography & photographic consultancy, concept planning, branding and logo support.




screenshot of awareness matters website

screen shot of counselling services direct website

 screen shot of Wayne Tanswell signwriter website



 Web design and basic seo services --------------------- £400 Basic Website
 Web design services and SEO ------------ £600 Premium Website and SEO
 Web design and SEO max ------ £900  Executive website and full web SEO