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' Patricia has been very passionate in her work and is very knowledgeable in her field. In learning from anyone as a new worker in my new role, I was very happy to have met Patricia . I understand more about passion and enjoying the work and to be motivated and to see things resolved for those in need.

Ben Kwofie Studio Plus Key Worker / Advice Worker Kilburn Youth Centre

'She made me feel included, and encouraged me to get involved in a lot of things in my work. She is very advisable, fun to be with, comfortable to be around. She knows how to have a laugh too!. Once she started to train me how to do things, I was away. Her training workshop gave me a lot of learning about teamwork and setting targets. ' 

Taswan Bryan Shadow Youth Worker / Music Development Tutor Kilburn Youth Centre

 ' Tish is a great worker who taught many workshops within the Mosaic LGBTQ Youth Group, as a voluntary worker and coming from a young persons point of view she has taught and continues to teach many life skills that all people regardless of age need. One memorable workshop was on Budgetting, from this workshop I learnt other ways of saving money and stretching the money I have. Tish has a natural flair for the different types of work she does, personally I have seen Tish within many different work roles, from advice worker to counsellor and she has changed my outlook on life' 

 Zak Darwood - Voluntary Youth Worker, Mosaic LGBTQ Youth Group

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