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 Team work and coffee counselling consultancy type Established in 2003 as a person centred training consultancy service supporting the voluntary, statutory and public sectors development needs, by the director of PCCUK - Patricia Mata. A person-centred counsellor now living in London, Patricia (Tish) has 20 years experience in training, providing service to and supporting The 3rd Sector.
Where we work

PCCUK works in London and the home counties, providing training and development services to youth and community service providers, voluntary sector agencies, statutory organisations, health and social housing organisations, schools and colleges. Patricia Mata is a counsellor using the person-centred approach and ethos in supporting the training and development needs of others. Person-Centred Consultancies is based in Gloucestershire and London, within reach of the surrounding areas of Buckinghamshire, Middlesex, Reading, Slough, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Aylesbury, and close to the London boroughs of Hillingdon and Harrow. Our associate referral counsellors and trainers are also based in Harrow, North-west London and surrounding areas.

Uniqueness of Person-Centred Consultancies UK

Person Centred Consultancies UK is the only person centred training agency across the UK that is able to provide a targeted service for those in the public sector and helping professions with such a theoretical background. Services to the small business sector across the UK is also developing rapidly. All PCCUK consultants / facilitators / mentors / counsellors / researchers forming part of PCCUK, have a theoretical and qualified background in person centred counselling and are able to provide training, facilitation, mentoring and counselling with this ethos and qualified standard.

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 website design and website seo service high wycombe, buckinghamshire, london, uk by person centred designs Website design, web site seo , search engine optimisation and web consultancy services across London and the UK. Person Centred Designs has been established through the developments of Person Centred Consultancies.
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